Ep. 88 – I moved from Colorado to Bris-Vegas to start a brewery, but things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. With Sea Legs Co-Founder, Jon Fuchs.

Mentioning the name Sea Legs Brewing outside of the Sunshine State might draw a few blank looks from beer lovers, it certainly snuck up on me, and I’d like to think I have my finger in the beer pulse in this country. I was flicking through the Gram and came across one of their posts somehow. One click through to their profile and a few photos later, I was like, who are these people, I want to know more.
So here we are, we are about to go on a journey, a voyage if you will, and see where this little brewery, Sea Legs, came from, and more importantly, where their head brewer and co founder, John Fuchs, sees them going in the future.
In this episode, Jon is really open and honest about the challenges he overcame in bringing his dream to life…it was a tough slog! But, he seems to have handled it all pretty well and is now reaping the rewards and pumping out some great beer! Along the way he shares some great stories of his time in Colorado as a home brewer, and, let’s us in on why he doesn’t have a mid-strength option to convert the Queensland middy-drinkers…yet!
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