Ep. 89 – Opening a Brewery in the 2nd Hardest Place in the World. With Great Leap Brewing Co-Founder Carl Setzer.

China…allegedly the second hardest place in the world to open a craft brewery and Carl Setzer from Great Leap Brewing said “Challenge Accepted”!!
Enjoy this extended play interview, Carl had a lot of great stories to tell, so I just wound him up and let him go for it! In this episode he talks about:
  • The importance of combining the chinese stories and the american brewing ideas to come up with a label for ex-pats and the emerging chinese craft beer drinker.
  • How you need to know how to work the system in China for it to work for you. Including the importance of shouting government executives to dinner to “thank them” for approving your application.
  • The amazing ingredients available in the western world and how he creates unique beers with them.
  • Getting all nerdy about the different varieties of “craft” honey available to brew with in China.
  • And how the small guy fought AB Inbev and won, for the betterment of the craft beer industry in China.
And he also shares the story of how he and Moon Dog Co-Founder Josh Uljans met over a number two…literally. A funny story that is made even better by Carls impressions of Josh!
This interview was a blast!!
Check out their awesome beer labels: http://www.greatleapbrewing.com/

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