Ep. 90 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – Kettle Sours & Fruit Beers. With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben).

This episode is the usual mix of taking the piss, back slapping and little gems of info they that the Pro & Protege drop along the way!
This time, we are talking about Kettle Sours, and then we move into adding fruit into beers. Both Ben and Dave are very experienced with these styles…Dave sips on a Blood Orange Gose while we chat, and Ben has been messing around with these styles in his Pro-Sumer home brew set up for years. He even served a mulberry sour at his wedding that Dave may of may not have over indulged on!
Stuff we cover in this:
  • How some brewers use Inner Health Plus tablets in their beer!
  • The things you need to know about brewing kettle sours;
  • How Akasha brew their kettle sours and how they were inspired by Anderson Valley;
  • How there is a bit of a difference about how you should handle your fruit in the home shed, as opposed to the commercial brewery;
  • Why keeping oxygen out of your beers is an absolute must – purge, purge, purge;
  • How you can experiment in your brew shed with split ferments;
  • And what fruit the boys would never use in a fruited beer!
Some great stuff in this, enjoy the fun!

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