Ep. 95 – It’s more than a logo change, we needed to develop a brand story. With Akasha Brewing’s, Dave Padden.

It’s a pretty familiar story with craft breweries, there are only so many resources available and far too many jobs to be done. Often, getting the beer out the door is a lot more important than building a brand, so what inevitably happens is that the brewery designs a logo. As Dave talks about in this interview, a logo and a brand, while closely related and must work together cohesively, are different things.
  • A logo is an easily recognizable graphic symbol that identifies a company, a commercial product, or any public or private entity.
  • A brand is the idea or image people have in mind when thinking about specific products, services and activities of a company, both in a practical and emotional way.
See the difference?
In this episode, Dave talks about the process he went through to update his branding. It involved being told harsh truths, he had to make big decisions, he had to let gho a bit, and he listened to the people around him to come up with a new era for Akasha Brewing Company. As always with Dave, this is an open and honest discussion with insights from one of the best in the biz.

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