Ep. 96 – Uraidla? Uraidla? Where the f##k is Uraidla? With Uraidla Brewery Head Brewer, Oscar Matthews.

Uraidla? Where the f##k is Uraidla? That was the response from my mate when I told him I had Uraidla Brewery Head Brewer, Oscar Matthews on the podcast this week. Uraidla sounds like a town in the middle of nowhere, but truth be told, its only 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD in the Adelaide Hills!
And what a great story Oscar has to tell. He learned his craft in a San Luis Obispo, converted an old abandoned squash court into a brewery, bought a kit that was too small and half way through they upped it a bigger one! Starting early on as a contract brewer, he is now brewing great beers out of the old squash court with local spring water and witchcraft inspired names!
We covered a lot of ground in this one and I also learned something about brewery waste water in this episode!!

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