Ep. 98 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – We F%%kin’ Love IPA’s. Do You? With Dave Padden (Akasha) and Ben Miller (From Ben)

When you want to go deep on a topic you love, in this case IPA’s, you want to talk about it with someone who also loves them and is pretty damn good at brewing them…luckily Dave Padden is known as one of the best brewers in the IPA game! And, believe it or not, his Protege, Ben Miller has been lapping up all of the knowledge that Dave has been throwing his way in recent years and really rises to the occasion in this episode!
We dive into the sub styles of IPA for a “quick” game of “Love it or Hate it”, which became a pretty in-depth chat about the various sub styles where the boys shared their stories from the past (The 6 Schooner Test) about great examples of the style and what they learned from brewing them.
BTW – Did you know that these guys are so dedicated to brewing Hazy IPA’s, that even after brewing them for 4 years, they still feel the have more to learn, and talk a couple of times a week about the new stuff they have learned! That is dedication to the cause.
If you are a home brewer, and you only listen to one podcast this week…make it this one!
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