Ep. 99 – Cramming Everything In. With T-Bone Brewing Power Couple, Tom & Carla Bignell.

If you haven’t been to Hobart, chances you haven’t heard of, and more than likely never tried the beers from my guests brewery. If you walk 15 minutes North of the Hobart CBD, you are in one of the best areas for food and drinks in Tasmania, and one of the first places you will discover is a small brew pub by the name of T-Bone brewing.
Established in 2015 by the dynamic husband and wife duo of Tom and Carla Bignell, it is true that good things come in small packages, as this brewery is now producing some of the tastiest beers in the state.
A rare “live in venue” recording for me…I can’t wait to be able to travel and do more of these!

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