Short Cut: For Those of You In Lockdown, This Is For You. A “Quick Catch Up” With Mick O’Rance from Sunday Road Brewing.

Well, this one was going to be a quick chat about the new LG IPA Sunday Road put out to say thanks for the local community support in lockdown, but it could have almost been a full episode!
After the old blokes taled through their challenges with computers and what they used in the past, the chat got on track and we covered a lot of ground, including:
  • The geography of the Syndey LGA’s
  • Getting through lockdown with thanks to the local community support
  • The shelf life of high hopped beers
  • Beer affogato’s
  • Having no idea about song copyright laws for beer names
  • Cold IPA’s
  • Dip Hopping
  • And, Cryo Hops
I told you we covered some ground! Enjoy this!
Short Cuts are anything that you, me, we, the craft beer community, want them to be. Effectively, these are short, sharp conversations that won’t fill a regular episode length. Think of things like new beer announcements, brewery updates, short stories or even crowdfunding pitches.
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