Will Spotty Ever Open? Finally, The Answer Is, Hell Yes!!!

Way back in January 2016, I came across my guest at a local night market. Him and his bother in law, and their wives were operating a small wood-smoked meat stall at a local night market, and if my memory serves me correctly, they were also slinging beers from Van Dieman brewing. It was about this time that I was still busily writing regualr articles on beerhealer.com and I wrote my first one about Spotty Dog Brewers & American BBQ.

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In that interview, co-founder, Michael stated…

The plan to microbrew has been 5 years in the making, with everything along the way being part of the plan to open a microbrew pub!

So, that was 2016, things had been ticking over for 5 years already, and they had plans for a brew pub. It’s now 2023, almost 7 years to the day that I was at that market, and I am glad to say that 

Finally, Spotty Dog, has opened that micro brew pub. 

Well sort, it’s something a little bigger than a microbrew pub. You could say they have built Hobart’s answer to destination breweries such as Felons, Little Creatures or Hemingways.

And sitting over the table from me for this chat from the brewery (sorry for the echos), sipping on a cold one, is Co-Founder Klimt Donohoe who for the last 10 years or so has been working his guts, along with the rest of the family, to make this dream a reality. He’s a little older than that fresh faced skinny kid from the picture at that night market, but juggling a serious job, a family, a podcast and a brewery will do that to you…luckily he has the eminem blonde hair keep him looking youthful.

Enjoy the chat!!

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